How The Magic Works

Thanks to advancements in nanotechnology, we're able to incorporate the entire Holy Bible into each piece in our collection. We do this by engraving the entire Holy Book (over 1.2 million characters) onto tiny microchips which are then crafted onto the beautiful items in our collection.

Behind The Scenes

1. We take a silicon wafer which is 200 mm in diameter and 0.7 mm thick; silicon oxide and aluminum deposits are layered onto the substrate and coated with a photosensitive material or photoresist.

2. The Bible’s text is then printed onto a transparent mask four times more significant than the final print on Silicon. The mask image is exposed onto the photoresist surface while reduced to the final size for final output.

3. Aluminum is etched through the photoresist layer, copying the pattern onto the aluminum layer. Then photoresist material is removed. Think of it as reverse puzzle pieces.

4. A protective layer of SiN and Silicon Oxide is deposited onto the wafer and then background from 0.7 mm to 0.4 mm. The Nano Bibles are then cut to their final dimensions